A New Approach for Intrusion Detection Systems

By: Katana Graph

April 22, 2022

A New Approach for Intrusion Detection Systems

Organizations face increasingly sophisticated cybercrime threats and employ a spectrum of security tools to respond. One of these tools is the intrusion detection system (IDS). However, IDS solutions are often ineffective in preventing external cyberattacks due to their narrow scope and technical limitations.

For example, current IDS solutions often attempt to cover a spectrum of attack patterns by combining several tools into a single framework with a set of regulations that, once understood, can be circumvented. Maintaining security in an ever-growing, evolving landscape is challenging and a new technological approach for IDS is needed to address this problem.

Cybercriminals are developing elaborate tactics to slip through the cracks between existing IDS tools and evade detection. When faced with such attempts, it can be challenging to choose where to start planning for security. There are several mass-produced security software options available that are built to meet generalized needs, but general solutions cannot be applied to unique networks.

Katana Graph’s comprehensive graph intelligence platform uses graph neural networks (GNNs) to understand communication mediums and forbidden patterns more thoroughly to provide greater accuracy than current solutions to IDS problems. Every system is different, so the platform prioritizes interoperability and convenient integration so users can spend more time solving problems than sorting through data.

The platform provides real-time intrusion detection that addresses a set of concerns across the threat landscape, from fraudulent activity to hacking. For more details about how Katana Graph can be used for security, take a moment to read our Security System Intrusion Detection Data Sheet.

Katana Graph’s graph platform uses high-performance computing techniques and graph AI for enhanced analytics, mining, and query to help businesses get the most out of their data. Schedule a Meeting to learn how Katana Graph can help with your organization’s data needs.


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