A New Approach to Drug Discovery

By: Katana Graph

May 04, 2022

A New Approach to Drug Discovery

Bold, innovative companies are leading the charge toward drug discovery through artificial intelligence and machine learning, resulting in a more effective, less expensive method for finding new drugs. However, the modern drug discovery process is loaded with Big Data, and it’s difficult to find small needles in immense haystacks.

Deciding which compounds to test in clinical trials relies on the analysis of data from previous experiments, genomic information, and environmental factors. This can be slow and tedious, but using AI to sift through this data more quickly has brought about significant progress in the field of drug discovery — at a fraction of the cost.

Data is the key to discovering vital new insights from disparate modalities, and processing it efficiently is critical to realizing data’s full potential. Recognizing this, Katana Graph built a scale-out graph data platform to help life sciences customers seamlessly query chemical, molecular, and genetic structural data, bioinformatics and cheminformatics knowledge graphs, and patient clinical data for growing knowledge graphs that increasingly simulate complex biological systems.

Katana Graph provides graph AI using graph neural networks (GNN), a powerful approach for feature learning on graphs. We provide easy-to-use packages for learning large-scale knowledge graph embeddings and running bioinformatics and cheminformatics algorithms such as node classification and link prediction at high speeds. This graph intelligence platform can also be extended to run third-party algorithms; for example, analytical libraries with Python interfaces can be run as User Defined Functions (UDFs) on Katana Graph.

Our comprehensive platform is designed to optimize performance and resource allocation in order to help data scientists, business analysts, and IT teams across industries get the most out of their data. Operating at unparalleled speeds, Katana Graph’s dynamic technology enables industries including financial services, information security, and the life sciences to make more informed, effective decisions and to innovate faster. For more information about how the platform can be implemented in the drug discovery process, our Drug Discovery datasheet is a must-read.

Whether structured or unstructured data, Katana Graph can greatly improve the insights and opportunities uncovered from your organization’s data. Click to schedule a meeting.


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