Achieving Unprecedented 360 Degree Customer Intelligence

By: Katana Graph

March 04, 2022

Achieving Unprecedented 360 Degree Customer Intelligence

The constant stream of data from web applications, mobile devices, and the Internet of Things is doubling every two years. Many organizations are drowning in customer data. Not only is the volume of data overwhelming, but the expansion of how organizations collect and consume that information is increasingly taxing on IT and Analytics departments.

In the current environment, integrating disparate datasets for advanced analytics with traditional solutions is time-consuming for both data analysts and IT functions. Extracting customer insights requires specialized knowledge of an enterprise’s database schemas, document stores, and the evolution of data silos to mirror organizational structures.

Siloed customer data results in each department’s analysis capabilities being limited by its own view. Historically, silos have been linked to organizational culture silos that discourage collaboration and holistic information sharing. While change management efforts and centralization of data can reduce the pain of managing and sharing data, efforts to homogenize and consolidate data have in many cases been unable to keep pace with the rate of creation of new sources of data and its sheer volume. Integrating diverse data sources using computing approaches that tolerate arbitrary data structures allows data analysts to get expansive views of an organization’s data without completely tearing down existing silos.

With Katana Graph™’s easily-integrated graph intelligence platform, organizations can leverage all available data, such as purchase history, information requests, interactions across channels, demographics, competitor behavior, campaign activity, and more to provide 360-degree customer insights. Using this broad range of insights, an enterprise can build a customer knowledge graph and scale its data platform so that it is positioned to engage its customers more effectively across every touchpoint. By turning data into knowledge, a company can forecast emerging trends and anticipate customer needs at every stage in the customer life cycle.

Analyzing massive customer datasets is no longer an enterprise challenge. Katana Graph turns data into insights.

Katana Graph is a graph intelligence platform for actionable customer 360-degree insights. It can integrate massive, disparate customer datasets for advanced analytics and graph AI for predictive analytics at tremendous scale and speed. Download our datasheet to learn more about Katana Graph 360 Degree Customer Insights.


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