Connecting the Dots with Chris Rossbach

By: Katana Graph

October 28, 2021

Connecting the Dots with Chris Rossbach

"The pandemic makes collaboration a little bit harder. There are definitely times when it would be great to have a whiteboard. But by and large, we've made a lot of progress and continue to have a lot of fun and largely be unaffected, so I think we're very lucky in that regard." - Chris Rossbach

Launching Katana Graph During the Pandemic

You know you have the right team when you can launch a new company during the pandemic and attract the right investors, clients, and partners. Katana Graph owes its rapid growth to a stellar leadership team with complementary skills, extensive market knowledge, deep technical experience, and a building a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

A Mastermind Behind Katana Graph Tech

Chris Rossbach, Katana Graph CTO and co-founder, leads the charge and ensures the Katana Graph engine is on the leading edge, anticipating the toughest challenges organizations will face over the next decade. Chris holds the Computer Sciences Endowed Faculty Fellowship No. 6 at the University of Texas and has expertise in all aspects of cloud computing. Rossbach has previously held senior roles at VMware and Microsoft Research.

Along with industry prominence, Chris is an accomplished and celebrated educational leader. Students at all levels universally praise his passion for the subject matter. In reviews, Chris’s students report appreciating his willingness to help them understand the complexities of Advanced Operating Systems, Concurrency, and Parallel Systems, a series of courses that provides fundamentals and practical experience with a diversity of both classical and modern approaches to managing and exploiting concurrency and parallel processing, including shared memory synchronization, parallel architectures such as GPUs, as well as distributed parallel frameworks such as MPI and map-reduce.

Chris observes that in modern computation, concurrency, and parallelism are no longer niche areas reserved for specialists and experts, but a cross-cutting concern that all designers and developers are exposed to. The increasing use of parallelism is set in a framework of new technologies and programming models that address the enduring challenges of programmability and performance in unique ways.

Chris’s grasp of the real-world subtleties of parallel execution and concurrency was part of what brought him, along with the other founders, to bring engineering and science learnings and innovations to Katana Graph, allowing these technologies to provide timely and powerful revelations, insights, and answers to Katana’s clients with unprecedented speed.

Outside work, Chris also plays in several professional music groups, teaches guitar, does session recording, and has run a professional recording studio. He has a broad range of styles, has performed on over 30 CDs, and is a signed artist on the JoMod Music recording and publishing label.

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