Creativity Inspires Technological Innovation

By: Katana Graph

January 26, 2022

Creativity Inspires Technological Innovation

Information is elegant when it’s transformed into meaningful insights. Statistician Edward Tufte, a pioneer in simplifying complexity, teaches elegance of information design. Tufte has conceptualized visualization of data into multi-dimensional layers to better understand complex abstractions.

Beautiful EvidenceIn his book Beautiful Evidence, Tufte encouraged thoughtful portrayal of information and sparked inspiration to view data as an opportunity to tell a story that goes beyond surface-level conclusions. Tufte’s clean rendering of information made analysts rethink the way data should be presented.

But data visualizations are difficult and time-consuming things to create. In today’s fast-paced, automated, AI-driven world, businesses need a solution that turns data into information, insights and solutions more quickly and easily.

Knowledge Graphs Are Elegant and Intelligent by Design

Like Tufte’s data visualization aesthetic, knowledge graphs express the depth of interwoven data with the added factor of dynamic utility. Through a collaborative effort between humans and AI, there’s a new way for enterprise businesses to get the results needed from structured and unstructured data via knowledge graphs that are both sleek and intelligent.

One of Katana Graph’s applications of Graph AI is the use of graph neural networks (GNNs). These use machine learning to generate vectors known as “embeddings” that help to identify new relationships among the entities represented in a graph of data. Katana Graph uses these for applications such as node classification, link prediction, and recommendation systems that are essential for bioinformatics and cheminformatics. As a result, Katana Graph enables life sciences enterprises to accelerate time-sensitive, data-driven business decisions from R&D to clinical trials with a highly scalable, easy-to-use platform.

"A new and exciting development in this space is the rise of graph machine learning and AI, which have applications in pharma, precision medicine, and security among many other areas." - Keshav Pingali

Whether structured or unstructured data, Katana Graph can greatly improve the insights and opportunities uncovered from your organization’s data. Click to schedule a meeting.


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