Future-Proof Cyber Resilience with Graph Intelligence

By: Katana Graph

January 07, 2022

Future-Proof Cyber Resilience with Graph Intelligence

In today's increasingly hybrid work environment, companies must manage how they share and protect their information with more care than ever before. As the digitization of the workplace accelerates — into new spaces, such as mobile and cloud; using new technologies, like AI and machine learning; and to permit new access points, both on-premises and remote — businesses get to reap the rewards of enhanced innovation, insights and productivity. Yet rapidly forging into new frontiers leaves organizations more vulnerable than ever to cyber threats.

Only 43% of managers believe their organizations are well protected from online attackers.” – Harvard Business Review

Adapting to both known and unknown threats is at the heart of a cybersecurity strategy that adapts to meet an enterprise’s needs. But cybersecurity can no longer afford to adopt a linear approach to defense. In an environment of dynamic change and disruption, we can’t rely on the old perimeters guarding infrastructure.

Building a proactive cyber resilience strategy using graph intelligence helps leading organizations evolve alongside emerging and established threats alike.

As data becomes more fluid across organizational silos, industry leaders are turning to all-in-one graph intelligence solutions to integrate insights that can match the growing complexity of today’s data-driven business. More organizations are employing AI and knowledge graph technology to identify threats, to control access and to assess vulnerability to attack. Planning and executing a cyber resilience strategy enables sustainable growth and protects the most valuable assets.

Graph intelligence is a key tool in this effort, powering advances in readiness for, responses to, and recovery from threats as part of a scalable cyber resilience strategy.

  1. Foresee attacks before they occur

    The worst time to learn how to fight a fire is when the match has already been lit. Graph computing readies businesses to anticipate cyber threats before they happen, helping them strategize more effectively with insights gleaned from across the organization.

    Graph intelligence ingests and processes a high volume of complex data sets and provides the ability to see it all, as it happens, in real-time. You can combine and analyze data from sources across an organization with an all-in-one platform and always-on visibility. When this is enhanced by machine learning, we can detect and predict vulnerabilities and risks before they happen.

    It’s also a solution that scales. As an organization grows and expands, so too do its vectors for risk. With graph intelligence that can support high performance on hundreds of machines and computing clusters simultaneously, mission-critical analytics validate quick decisions that count.

  2. Respond in real time

    Being cyber resilient also means identifying, prioritizing and remediating threats quickly. According to IBM Security, “data breaches that took longer than 200 days to identify and contain cost on average $4.87 million, compared to $3.61 million for breaches that took less than 200 days.”

    287 days is the average time to identify and contain a data breach. The longer it took to identify and contain, the more costly the breach.” – IBM Security

    Graph accelerates how organizations detect threats and gain timely insights to resolve them, backed by adaptive, machine-led processes and visualizations. With strength and speed, graph intelligence can flag the threats that matter most using advanced algorithms, AI, and pattern mining. The ability to visualize threats comprehensively and clearly also helps engage and motivate fellow stakeholders into consensus and decisive action.

  3. Adapt with deeper insights

    Business challenges don’t stop evolving, and neither should a security solution. Graph intelligence allows innovative firms to more effectively self-assess and optimize their cyber resilience strategy for the future. With complex relational mapping across vast data sets, graph intelligence makes it easier to trace the path of a cyber attack, providing valuable insights to help shore up defenses and adopt proactive new strategies. Graph visualization can also power large-scale forensic analysis to help improve readiness and prevent future attacks.

    For example, graph-based anomaly detection approaches are among the most popular techniques used to analyze connectivity patterns in communication networks and to then proactively identify suspicious behaviors. For complex industries managing high volumes of sensitive data such as financial services, quick detection of patterns and anomalies can save billions in losses, forestall issues with regulators, and prevent loss of trust and reputation by clients.

Graph Intelligence Means Leaps Forward for Security

Building cyber resilience is tough. It requires managing big, complex, high-velocity data across an organization. With billions of alerts demanding an immediate response, it’s critical to identify and predict fast-mutating threats from unpredictable sources.

Being able to see and sense more of the threat landscape using graph intelligence and machine automation helps organizations prepare, respond and adapt with more agility and decisiveness. Ultimately, cyber resiliency builds the ability of an organization to respond to risk intelligently at the speed of change.

About Katana Graph

At Katana Graph, we enhance your cyber resilience so that you can quickly adapt to the emerging opportunities and threats your enterprise faces. We help you make faster, more accurate decisions that protect and advance your business towards its unbounded potential.

With more than a decade of advanced research into high-performance computing, Katana Graph’s Intelligence Platform puts utility and flexibility at the forefront. We take speed and scalability to an unmatched level, with a demonstrated 10-100x faster query performance with validated scalability to a 256-machine cluster. This supercharged solution powers a wide variety of new applications and insights in fraud detection, threat hunting and more.

To learn more about how you can achieve stronger cyber resilience with graph intelligence, connect with our team here or email us at info@katanagraph.com.


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