Getting to Know Katana Graph’s Founders

By: Katana Graph

December 03, 2021

Getting to Know Katana Graph’s Founders

The founders of Katana Graph devised a technological solution to make massive amounts of data accessible and ease business anxiety.

Learn more about Keshav Pingali and Chris Rossbach

Katana Graph is a company whose vision for the future is to make graph knowledge accessible without the need to burn excess energy and resources. Enterprise businesses and governments can quickly gather insights from massive amounts of data, assess risk, identify security flaws, determine new opportunities, and achieve a competitive advantage. Katana Graph Intelligence Platform’s powerful algorithms and high-performance pattern-mining techniques help users excel in decision making.

Katana Graph’s cutting edge superiority is led by its founders, Keshav Pingali and Chris Rossbach. For over a decade of advanced research, Pingali and Rossbach developed high-powered algorithms and innovative modules that power faster, better insights and smarter decisions at scale. Their remarkable breakthroughs power new applications for graph computing technology, driving innovation in a whole new set of industries.

Pingali and Rossbach have impressive backgrounds in the fields of math, science, computing and technology.

Keshav Pingali is CEO and co-founder of Katana Graph. He holds the W.A. "Tex" Moncrief Chair of Computing at the University of Texas at Austin where he has joint appointments in the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and the Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Science. The Katana Graph Engine is based on research performed in Pingali's Intelligent Software Systems Group, which works on parallel programming models, compilers and runtime systems for applications with large-scale, unstructured data. Pingali is a Fellow of the ACM, IEEE and AAAS. He was awarded the Distinguished Alumnus Award by the Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur), India in 2013.

Katana Graph understands that timing to insights is imperative.

According to Pingali, “Katana Graph understands that timing to insights is imperative.” He imagined the Galois framework in which the power of parallel computing is available to all programmers — especially to individuals who lack the background to develop parallelized software on their own. This is one strength of his Galois programming framework, which transforms sequential computer code into parallel code. (ODEN.2013)

Chris Rossbach is co-founder and CTO of Katana Graph. Chris is an Assistant Professor at UT Austin, an affiliated Senior Researcher with VMware Research group, an alumnus of Microsoft Research's Silicon Valley Lab, and a veteran of multiple successful Silicon Valley startups. He leads the Systems, Concurrent, and Emerging Architectures Research Group (SCEA) at UT Austin and directs the UT Austin CS Honors Computer Science and Business Program. His research interests lie broadly in the area of distributed systems, with focus on operating systems, hypervisor, architectural, and programming language support for parallel hardware.

"The pandemic makes collaboration a little harder," said Chris Rossbach. "There are definitely times when it would be great to have a whiteboard. But by and large, we've made a lot of progress and continue to have a lot of fun and largely be unaffected, so I think we're very lucky in that regard."

Chris is multi-talented. In addition to his groundbreaking work with knowledge graphs, he writes lyrics, plays the guitar and does yoga.

What can you expect if you join the Katana Graph team? A team that is dedicated to providing solutions so that enterprise businesses and governments can quickly uncover and solve problems. The Katana Graph team is collaborative, innovative, inclusive, flexible, decisive, and confident. Katana Graph founders value substance in technological design; this empowers the team to be results focused without losing sight of design integrity.

For more information about joining the Katana Graph team please click here for the list of positions.


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