Graph Intelligence Gives New Meaning to Security

By: Katana Graph

February 16, 2022

Graph Intelligence Gives New Meaning to Security

With cybersecurity becoming a crucial part of business operations, standard security solutions based on aging technology are inadequate to meet the challenges of today's cybercriminals. Existing infrastructures are increasingly vulnerable to attack. Manually examining correlations within mountains of data requires more security resources than most organizations can devote to the task, and the patterns security analysts must recognize to detect threats evolve constantly.

When confronting the constant cyber threats to companies throughout the world,  graph visualization can power large-scale forensic analysis to help improve readiness and prevent future attacks. Katana Graph approaches cybersecurity and identity fraud from a strategic perspective, providing a graph intelligence system that does more than just analytics.

Our system uses graph technology to detect malicious perimeter activity and protect critical assets from breaches and data theft. Business leaders can now leverage all available data using AI and knowledge graph technology to identify threats, control access, and assess vulnerabilities.

Unlike technologies based on traditional analytics, Katana Graph provides the ability to implement sophisticated role-mining solutions by uncovering access patterns for more advanced authorization efforts.

Fully scalable from the edge to the enterprise level, Katana Graph is a fast and cost-effective way for organizations of any size to tackle today's complex digital challenges by providing end-to-end governance over their data world.

Learn more about Katana Graph’s Security Solutions in the Industry Overview: Security.


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