Inside Katana Graph April

By: Katana Graph

April 29, 2022

Inside Katana Graph April

Welcome to the April edition of Inside Katana Graph! We're here to give you a quick breakdown of the most important insights from our April blog posts.

April was a great month for the graph intelligence industry, with important discussions about fraud and cyberattacks taking center stage. Both fraud and cyberattacks are constant threats to businesses, but it's possible to stay safe with the help of an intelligent graph platform like Katana Graph.

Katana Graph also published a number of other important articles this month, like our post on why you should use our Intelligence Platform, how identity governance plays a role in securing your enterprise, and an introduction to cheminformatics.

April’s key trending topics and discussions:

In our next issue, we will take on evolving topics in the world of graph intelligence systems.

Our data sheets provide deep information on the Katana Graph Intelligence Platform. Download the latest!


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