Katana Graph - A Great Place to Work

By: Katana Graph

October 26, 2021

Katana Graph - A Great Place to Work

Katana Graph is proud to announce: We’re Great Place to Work Certified! Ninety-eight percent of our employees at Katana Graph said this is a great place to work; for typical US companies the rate is fifty-nine percent. Ninety-six percent of our employees said they joined Katana Graph because they felt like they were warmly welcomed. Katana values the talent and energy of all its members.

Working at Katana Graph is empowering:

  • Employees are given balanced challenges and a lot of responsibility.
  • Management provides continuous feedback and its actions match its words.
  • Employees have clear goals, autonomy and a sense of purpose.
  • Everyone has an opportunity to get special recognition.
  • All employees are treated equally regardless of position.
  • Katana Graph has company-wide pride!


What makes Katana Graph a Great place to work?

Drawing from employees' comments from the Trust Index survey, the key reason Katana Graph is a great place to work is: People! They also feel the team, startup and culture are important. Employees note that Katana Graph is exciting, interesting, innovative and approachable. They revere the Katana Graph leadership’s encouragement to try new things with a sense of ownership and accountability.

Looking for a Great Place to Work?

We are growing! Be part of an exciting moment in time and work with a terrific company and passionate employees. We are looking for folks that share an excitement for knowledge graphs, technology, AI and making the world a better and safer place. Click here to go to the careers page.

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Get to Know Katana Graph

We thrive on testing new and diverse ideas.

Katana Graph was born of cutting-edge research and scientific rigor, and these beginnings have a powerful effect on who we are to this day. We’re devoted to problem solving, and are relentless in our pursuit of more effective and more efficient solutions to real-world challenges. Continuous improvement is the very foundation of our success.

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