Katana Graph Brings New Intelligence to Life Sciences

By: Katana Graph

March 25, 2022

Katana Graph Brings New Intelligence to Life Sciences

The success of drug discovery innovation efforts depends heavily on the speed and precision with which hypotheses are generated and tested. Today’s challenges in health care include vast amounts of technical data used by researchers such as computational biologists and immunotherapists.

A great deal of data is required to produce a comprehensive analysis for complex endeavors like drug discovery. Quick analysis and identification of a compound’s properties are required to understand how the compound will interact with other entities. In the case of drug innovation, one application of this is the computation of properties that influence how a drug metabolizes once it is consumed; this is proving useful to ease the process from the earliest design stages.

Efficient data processing is critical for producing solutions to problems such as analyzing massive datasets to determine the potential toxicity of an unknown chemical compound. Katana Graph provides high-performance data integration and massively scalable analytics, query, and artificial intelligence (AI) inferencing at unrivaled performance.

Analyzing pathways through datasets of molecular properties to focus on a chemical structure of interest is crucial in drug targeting applications, and with the efficiency of distributed graph technology, Katana Graph is solving these and similar problems in the healthcare and life sciences.

Designing better-targeted drugs leads to safer clinical trials, and with optimizations in the drug discovery process, streamlines efforts in other areas such as synthesis of new drugs. Katana Graph strives to meet these challenges and find solutions throughout the industry. With capabilities such as RDKit integration, Katana Graph enables pharmaceutical innovators to leverage their data in a comprehensive, meaningful way.

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