Katana Graph Is on Fire

By: Katana Graph

January 28, 2022

Katana Graph Is on Fire

Katana Graph is putting together a team that is passionate and devoted to creating products that will change the way businesses use data. This will foster innovation and creative solutions to enterprises by merging high-performance computing with the powerful insights of graph technology. A new era of predictive analytics and timely insights will put the massive data stores managed by enterprises to work for them in new and creative ways.

Katana Graph leads the charge in creating powerful, intuitive tools to turn diverse data into high-impact intelligence. We are on fire! The time has arrived for Katana Graph to expand its workforce. We have a passionate and dedicated team creating products that will unlock the colossal potential of graph computing at scale. Some of the first applications are areas of great current concern — for example, risk management, drug discovery, and retargeting, intelligent identity governance, threat classification, and intrusion detection — but graph is poised to be the emerging paradigm of data analytics and mastery of unstructured data at large.

Katana Graph is committed to making key hires early on in businesses and to gaining pivotal growth and success. Most recently, Katana Graph hired Barry Zane as VP of Engineering. Barry brings over 20 years of experience in leading data analytics and database management companies, with 10 of those years focused on graph technology. In this role, Zane is responsible for further developing our Graph Intelligence Platform's query engine to rapidly identify data patterns, anomalies, and business insights at unmatched scale and performance.

Katana Graph is on fire and you can join the mission of creating knowledge graph solutions that unlock innovation and give enterprise businesses a competitive edge. Katana Graph has been awarded a 2021 Great Place to Work certification, and we are looking for driven, inquisitive, analytical minds to help us build out the future of graph computing. If you are constantly searching for a new challenge, believe that there's always an opportunity for improvement, and thrive on solving complex problems in a collaborative atmosphere, Katana Graph may be the right fit for you. We’ve worked hard to create an environment where our team feels empowered to do their best work and to continuously push on to new heights. Check out some of our exciting current openings.

Test New Ideas and Test Yourself

As a nimble, fast-paced startup built upon groundbreaking academic research, we believe strongly in exploring new ideas. So we’ve assembled a team full of talented technical minds – and empowered them to question everything, to unearth new approaches, and to challenge themselves to make data work in exciting and unexpected new ways. Join our team!


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