Powering the Next Generation of Graph Analytics

By: Katana Graph

February 07, 2022

Powering the Next Generation of Graph Analytics

To make your company stand apart from the competition and to remain profitable against market, financial, and supply chain risks, you need to be sure that you’re making the most of your data.

Traditional data mining and business analytics have served enterprises well, but they have limited power to reveal the plethora of subtle relationships buried in business data. We have recently seen that graphs of data contain deep and meaningful relationships between entities, and this is why probing these relationships effectively demands the right tools and processes.

A good graph intelligence platform will provide high performance for graph queries, graph mining and graph AI simultaneously. This includes the application of machine learning techniques to pathfinding, centrality and community detection, pattern discovery, and prediction.

Graph neural networks, for example, are a new and invaluable approach to feature learning on graphs, particularly when combined with graph analytics in use cases such as recommender systems, node classification, link prediction, and recommendation systems. These have all been solidly demonstrated in fields ranging from marketing optimization to bioinformatics.

The Katana Graph Intelligence platform makes it easy to extract precious insights from massive datasets. Our graph algorithms and extensive library of graph analytics routines can discover previously hidden relationships, and our platform provides a simple way to transform those discoveries into intelligence that yields a potent competitive advantage.

Katana Graph Intelligence Platform Accelerates Decisions by Harnessing High-Performance Graph Analytics

The Katana Graph Intelligence platform creates a competitive advantage by providing actionable insights from massive unstructured data sets using high-performance graph algorithms. Knowledge Graphs are powering a new age of rich applications and previously impossible insights in domains such as Pharma, Security, FinTech, and Manufacturing. For more insights into Katana Graph Intelligence platform, click here to read and download the datasheet.


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