Tackling the Current Challenge of Quality in Health Knowledge Graphs

By: Katana Graph

February 02, 2022

Tackling the Current Challenge of Quality in Health Knowledge Graphs

Keeping track of their health is a challenge for many people. Patients with multiple physicians across several unaffiliated medical groups require an efficient and effective way to track their health. In our fast-paced, modern life a growing number of hospitals are integrating clinical data from electronic medical and health records.

Understanding Healthcare Knowledge Graphs.

Thankfully, we are seeing the emergence of new technologies to solve this problem. With the advent of healthcare knowledge graphs, organizations can easily access clinical data to address the growing importance of specialized medical practices that impact our overall health.

The Benefit of Knowledge Graphs

Access to patient health details is critical to providing appropriate treatment by doctors and healthcare staff, but healthcare information is scattered across numerous disparate systems. When organizing data that has been integrated and analyzed using different standards across the medical disciplines, the healthcare knowledge graph is crucial to advance computerized decision support systems.

For the patient, healthcare knowledge graphs offer a real-time solution to make informed decisions about their health and healthcare. For example, by taking advantage of the wealth of information held within a healthcare knowledge graph, we can improve quality of care for patients with chronic conditions that require long-term management.

Issues such as data sparsity, incomplete data on new drugs, and ensuring the accuracy of information make it difficult to find solutions. A healthcare knowledge graph overcomes these problems by compiling a massive body of interconnected entities from within the health and life sciences into what has been reported as one of the most extraordinary contributions to Health IT.

Challenges and Solutions

A lack of systems to access what little data there is forces IT executives to compromise when choosing the optimal technologies to integrate into their systems. By implementing a graph intelligence platform to combine datasets, doctors and researchers can more accurately gather the necessary data to assess patients and their conditions.

Ease of use and accessibility challenges determine which system will provide the best results for the patient and the provider, making healthcare knowledge graphs an invaluable resource for gathering information to improve the treatment technique for a patient. Graph networks can improve healthcare providers’ access to pre-established research, resulting in better analysis of medical records and allowing researchers to more quickly incorporate necessary patient data into their work.

This revolutionary step toward more efficient diagnoses, and therefore more effective treatments, has resulted in an expectation that the technology and advancements in healthcare as graph AI proves more and more useful.

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