The Role of Identity Governance in Securing the Enterprise

By: Katana Graph

April 06, 2022

The Role of Identity Governance in Securing the Enterprise

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is generally regarded as a set of best practices for data center operations. It covers hardware and software security, firewalls, vulnerability scanning, and patching. Although IGA has been increasingly recognized as a key security measure, the process faces the challenge of keeping up with the sheer volume of identities being managed in the cloud.

Access management ensures user and role compliance with security policies, and governance functions are typically managed manually. These systems cannot keep up with the increased security exposures and sharp increases in identity cases in today’s complex identity landscape. 83% of security and identity professionals recently surveyed said that both their human and machine identity counts increased in 2020; one in five said identities increased by at least 25%.

Given the potential for security attacks, IGA and identity access management will become increasingly critical, and a new approach to identity governance is needed. IGA is recognized as the most important solution for effective visibility and control over access privileges. It is also valuable for ensuring conformity with business policies. Traditional IGA solutions tend to rely on role-based access control models, yet need to deal with ad-hoc access requests and evolving access and identity rules. This makes them difficult to audit and maintain and also error-prone, leaving administrators with a case of identity fatigue.

Katana Graph enables graph AI role mining to audit and optimize role-based access controls without manual administration. AI-based role mining is a key component of a comprehensive IGA solution that discovers access patterns and infers IT roles from them. Role mapping and reconciliation techniques then tie the IT roles to the associated business roles. By consolidating business rules, personnel data, user entitlements, and group user permissions into its distributed graph database, Katana Graph’s platform helps analyze and identify meaningful access roles.

Katana Graph uses these capabilities to provide intelligent IGA and autonomous identity and access management at scale to head off identity breaches and reduce manual administration costs.

For more information check out our Intelligent Identity Governance & Administration Data Sheet.

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