Top 10 Blogposts of 2021

By: Katana Graph

December 29, 2021

Top 10 Blogposts of 2021

Join us as we look back on some of your favorite Katana Graph blogposts of the last year – from platform primers to kaizen to founder interviews. As we flip our calendars to 2022, we look forward to further raising the bar on our content, so we can more effectively share our unique vision and latest innovations with you – our friends, customers, and partners.

The most-viewed dispatches from the year.


10. Katana Graph Optimizes Analytics Engine on 3rd Gen Intel Xeon

Katana Graph, a high-speed graph analytics startup focused on processing large unstructured data sets, announced it has optimized its graph engine for the new 3rd generation Intel Xeon…


9. What Is It Like Working at Katana Graph?

At Katana Graph, we're building a graph computing platform and storage system that accelerates graph database, analytics, mining, and AI workloads and interoperates with industry-standard storage systems. Our technology…

COVID Case for Knowledge Graph

8. COVID Case for Knowledge Graph

Coronavirus created an unprecedented, world-wide health crisis, killing millions and causing widespread economic and social disruption. Scientific and medical communities including virologists, medical researchers, and…

How Does Kaizen Influence the Katana Graph Culture?

7. How Does Kaizen Influence the Katana Graph Culture?

A company’s attitude towards product development is as important as the company’s attitude about growth. There are plenty of technology companies that impose a process…

delivering graph analytics

6. Delivering Graph Analytics at Scale: Billions of Vertices and Trillions of Edges

Much ink has been spilled over the power of graph database technology. But to make a truly significant and future-proof impact on your organization, find out how Katana Graph is…


5. The Future of Knowledge Graphs

Highlights from Jelani Harper's insideBIGDATA article 'Knowledge Graphs 2.0: High Performance Computing Emerges' featuring Keshav Pingali, CEO of Katana Graph. There is a need for high performance graph computing…


4. What Is a Network Graph Toolkit?

The theoretical concept of networks is the basis of many modern approaches to analyzing data. At its most superficial level, network graph science represents a collection of concepts describing and analyzing entities and their relationships…


3. Knowledge Graphs 2.0: High Performance Computing Emerges

The increasing reliance on knowledge graphs parallels that of Artificial Intelligence for three irrefutable reasons. They’re the most effective means of preparing data for statistical AI…


2. The Katana Graph Intelligence Platform

The Katana Graph Intelligence Platform enables enterprises to accelerate data-driven business decisions from R&D to production with a flexible, scalable, easy-to-use platform. The Graph Intelligence Platform focuses on solving…


1. Connecting the Dots with Chris Rossbach

"The pandemic makes collaboration a little bit harder. There are definitely times when it would be great to have a whiteboard. But by and large, we've made a lot of progress and continue to have a lot of fun and largely be unaffected, so I think…


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