Top 10 Use-Case Data Sheets of 2021

By: Katana Graph

January 31, 2022

Top 10 Use-Case Data Sheets of 2021

Our groundbreaking graph intelligence platform is changing the game in an increasingly data-driven competitive landscape, delivering a substantial edge in a growing number of industries and use cases. Read more about how a revolutionary graph engine brings to bear 10-100x faster performance and unmatched scalability on some of the biggest challenges in financial services, security, healthcare, and beyond.


Health & Life Sciences: Industry Overview

Katana Graph helps today’s health and life sciences innovators better manage clinical trials, fine-tune drug retargeting efforts, and rapidly expand the medical knowledge graph – with next-generation performance and scalability.


Health & Life Sciences: Drug Discovery

Our platform uses powerful graph AI to speed and scale the drug discovery process from target identification through lead optimization. Comprehensive AI models and a new graph AI library help spur innovation, expand the candidate pool, and boost predictive power.


Health & Life Sciences: RDKit Integration

Katana Graph technology seamlessly integrates with RDKit, while a next-generation graph engine pulls in data from an increasingly vast biomedical knowledge graph for in silico analysis that is speeding drug discovery.


Security: Industry Overview

Combat cybercrime more swiftly and effectively with AI-driven identity management and real-time fraud and intrusion detection across even the most complex networks.


Security: System Intrusion Detection

Cutting-edge graph analytics, pattern mining, and AI deliver real-time threat detection quickly, accurately, and at unprecedented scale. Katana Graph’s platform outperforms the competition, reducing false positives and raising the bar on intrusion-detection rates.


Security: Intelligent Identity Governance

Find out how Katana Graph uses graph AI-powered role mining to help automate and optimize identity and access management, so today’s organizations can secure their data and scale up quickly and flexibly.


Financial Services: Industry Overview

Stand out in a crowded and competitive financial services market by using Katana Graph’s platform with its graph-enabled AI and machine learning capabilities to deliver real-time fraud detection, comprehensive customer insights, and powerful risk modeling and management.


Financial Services: 360 Degree Customer Insights

See how our industry-leading data ingestion and lightning-fast graph analytics are helping organizations convert massive amounts of unstructured customer data into actionable insights.


Financial Services: Fraud Detection

Katana Graph fuels real-time anti-fraud efforts with game-changing tools like graph-based feature engineering and graph neural networks that identify fraud patterns.


Technology Overview: The Katana Graph Intelligence Platform

Powered by an innovative graph engine, our platform combines advances in high-performance computing with the muscle of graph analytics and AI to deliver game changing, actionable insights at speeds much faster than the competition.


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