What is it like working at Katana Graph?

By: Katana Graph

September 28, 2021

What is it like working at Katana Graph?

At Katana Graph, we're building a graph computing platform and storage system that accelerates graph database, analytics, mining, and AI workloads and interoperates with industry-standard storage systems. Our technology sets a new bar as the world's fastest graph processing engine while providing compelling scalability and programmability advantages and low-latency data ingest and ingress.

We are a highly dynamic team of technologists building the world's fastest graph computing system. In our ecosystem, we are bringing together experts in hardware acceleration, cloud computing, storage systems, and high-performance computing to help create the platform of the future for data processing and analysis in this new world of specialized hardware and revitalized algorithms.

“We are cultivating a global community of creators that foster inspiration, connection, focus, and growth in the graph computing space.”

We encourage inclusion, collaboration, big ideas, helping where we can, and asking for assistance when we need it. We aim for steady, measured expansion through experimentation and iteration. We encourage optimism, respect, accountability, and transparency in the workplace. We are trailblazers who aren't afraid to stumble because every stumble offers an opportunity to continuously improve our processes, products, strategies, and ourselves.

Our policy is to be open and speak your truth. We foster a culture of smart, talented, and passionate individuals who enjoy solving challenging problems for our customers. The Katana Graph work environment is based on learning and improving. “Kaizen” (or continuous improvement) and “onwards and upwards” are our mantras at Katana Graph. We are a community that strives to improve continuously. Our company’s approach to continuous improvement also speaks to our understanding of innovation and evolution.

“Keshev often expresses our work environment as “onwards and upwards” and conveys a positive attitude. Leadership that always looks at the positive side of things helps employees to learn, explore, discover, and grow. Another great aspect of working at Katana Graph is collaboration and thoughtful communication.”
Roshan Dathathri, Senior Engineer.

Considering the kinds of problems that are out there today, the information challenges that exist, the kinds of technology that can be applied against it, Katana Graph is in the right place, and has been working the last decade to be in the right place at the right time to make a difference.

“The way graphs are being applied to the biomedical space, helping researchers to find new avenues to identifying drugs that can make a difference in the lives of others. This is applicable with regard to Covid, and also so many other medical situations. This is the most satisfying thing, to me, this opportunity I’ve been given to work in the life sciences space. Being able to contribute to these advancements has been the most satisfying aspect of my 20-year career.”
Kamesh Peri, Director.

Katana Graph is an environment that attracts smart, passionate, dedicated, collaborative people who really want to make a difference, thoughtfully challenge the solution so that the design is elegant and purposeful, and always improving upon the knowledge graph technology.


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