Why Use the Katana Graph Intelligence Platform?

By: Katana Graph

April 02, 2022

Why Use the Katana Graph Intelligence Platform?

In the fast-moving world of technology, it should never take weeks for analysts to sift through terabytes of data to gain insights and then act on those insights. The Katana Graph Intelligence Platform was conceived to help enterprises get answers in time to make a real difference.

By merging techniques developed in the high-performance computing and machine learning spaces with graph technology, the Katana Graph Intelligence Platform removes the time associated with sifting through terabytes of data, allowing decisions to be made during the window of opportunity.

The world is generating new data at an accelerating and unprecedented rate, adding to the enormous amount of pre-existing data. The vast majority of data being generated is unstructured and doesn’t fit relational models. Most of this unstructured data can be represented and processed effectively as graphs — the least amount of structure that can be imposed on a dataset before processing it — to meet the demand for rapid, efficient data processing.

Katana Graph's high-performance platform provides modern graph analytics and machine learning for the most critical use cases. Its intuitive tools also make graph operations accessible to more and more organizations as they look to take significant steps forward. Our platform combines the techniques of large-scale big data engines, graph databases, and massive scale high-performance computing.

The platform is built on four pillars:

  • Graph Query: standard and custom algorithms on complex data
  • Graph Analytics: data exploration and filtering on large graphs
  • Graph Mining: identification of specific graph structures and patterns
  • Graph AI: prediction of events using neural networks with supervised and unsupervised learning models

Examples of how different sectors use the Katana Graph Intelligence Platform include:

Financial Services: From comprehensive fraud detection in real-time to 360° views of the customer, Katana Graph empowers financial services organizations to unlock the tremendous potential of graph analytics and AI at scale.

Healthcare & Life Science: To innovate at the highest level, Life Sciences organizations must rapidly harness the most advanced data technologies to identify high-potential research opportunities, maximize R&D time, and determine cost efficiencies.

Security: With cybersecurity becoming an extraordinarily complex and crucial part of doing business, industry leaders need to leverage massive amounts of data in conjunction with AI and knowledge graph technology to identify threats, control access, and assess vulnerability to attack. Next-level graph visualization can also power large-scale forensic analysis to help improve readiness and prevent future attacks.

More information on applications in specific sectors can be found in Katana Graph data sheets.

The Katana Graph Intelligence platform helps leaders and data analysts see trends, identify outliers, and discover connections in large sets of data, avoiding costly mistakes and threats while capitalizing on unexpected opportunities. Clients across industries are using these capabilities to make business decisions that previously evaded their windows of opportunity.

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